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The Spirit of Ohala Run is a self-paced, open walk or run of 5k, 10k, Half-Marathon or Marathon in which runners who support the Ohala Foodbank and our efforts to feed families with financial challenges. Entrants can choose the length of their run, where to run it and the days to complete it.

Runners from all of the world can participate! Here's how:

1. pay a small registration fee of $49.00 in which 100% of the funds go towards the purchase of food for our family food-box distributions.

  • When runners complete their registered distance, they will be asked to submit a photo of their distance on any runner’s application in which steps or distance is measured.

  • Upon verification of the distance, via the photo evidence submitted, the runner will be sent a very large (2.75x3.00 inches) and absolutely stunning and beautiful metallic medal with lanyard depicting the distance completed. Runners will be asked to pay a small shipping and handling fee of $9.95 for shipping US Domestic and $19.95 for international shipments so that the medal can arrive within 3 weeks after completing the walk/run.

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