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We are proud to recognize the individuals who have worked tirelessly for the Ohala Foundation.

With their patience and dedication, we are able to continue our organized efforts in serving the community. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, kindly message the Ohala Foundation through any of our platforms!



Hi my name is Christian Sanchez I'm a student from Tinian Junior Senior Highachool. I started volunteering at Ohala around January. What I do at Ohala is pack Rice, Flour, and Sugar that will go in the food distribution, I help in bringing new deliveries, I also help distribute food and collect donations. The reason why I volunteer is so that I can complete my community service hours.



Hello I'm Yesha, an Ohala Foundation volunteer. I help sort out clothes and food. I also help during our fundraising events such as Shiny Wheels and Meals. I even help with the food and clothing drives on Tinian and Saipan.



My name is Anisha Viches and I am an active volunteer at the Ohala Foundation. At the Ohala Foundation, I provide my help towards several duties at this volunteer site. For one, I regularly work as the cashier at the Ohala Closet, providing cash transactions within the clothing retailing. In addition, I provide assistance the co-accountant with the logistics and paperwork of the regular food distribution.



I'm Kiran Shrestha and I am one of the first Ohala volunteers. I come in an help at Ohala whenever I can. I try to help with whatever I can and what needs helping. I have assisted with sorting food and cloth donations, bagging and distributing food, and the fundraising events Ohala holds. I enjoy volunteering here and helping my community!



Hello! My name is Ryan Michael Nuera and I am an active volunteer at the Ohala Foundation. I help out my island by helping the community with any events that are hosted by the Ohala Foundation. I also volunteer in the Ohala Closet and help out as a cashier. On important events, I also work on the Logistics and make sure that everything that is needed for any event is there. Prior to distribution days, I also assist the Ohala Warriors in making sure that inventory is accurate and make sure that we have all the food we will need. Lastly, on Ohala Food Distribution days I manage the Ohala Database and make sure that everyone's information are all accurate and updated. I hope that my contribution to the Ohala Foundation can inspire others to take action and help out their own communities!

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My name is Saim Ali. I am 16 years old and a student at Tinian Junior Senior Highschool. I started volunteering at the Ohala foundation at the beginning of this year. I chose to help this foundation because it is a great way for me to give back to the community and help people in need. This foundation serves over 213 families, and 60% of those families have zero income. In this foundation, I help package food bags for the distribution hosted every second week Friday. I also help collect roadside donations and sell clothes in the Ohala closet to raise funds for the supplies and goodies needed for the food distribution. Overall, volunteering at the Ohala foundation not only benefits the community by providing food to families in need. However, it also creates meaningful experiences for volunteers, demonstrates a commitment to a cause, and helps individuals.



Greetings! My name is Chad Andrei Acollador and I am an active volunteer at the Ohala Foundation. I always look forward to helping the island of Tinian’s community and the Ohala Foundation has allowed me the opportunity to do so. You may see me volunteer in the Ohala Closet, either as a cashier or a helper in the organization of our clothes. In addition, I assist during the preparation of events hosted by the Ohala Foundation. During Food Distribution days, I mainly assist with registration and the distribution of food. As I continue to volunteer, I hope to promote the Ohala Foundation and inspire others to become Ohala Warriors!



Hi there, I'm Ismail Hossain and I am a sophomore at Tinian Jr. Sr. High School. I started volunteering here at the Ohala Foundation because I wanted to get involved in the community and at the same time, help those that are really in need here in our community. As a volunteer, I help collect streetside donations, pack food bags for our numerous donations, and sometimes I help with what needs to be done in the Ohala Closet. I really enjoy volunteering here at the Ohala Foundation as we get to help and get involved with our community. And I hope that our work would inspire others to do the same.

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